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Our Favourite Winter Games and Puzzles

Here is a list of some of our favourite winter games. It’s May and we are finally starting to notice the seasons changing. The leaves are turning to beautiful golds, reds and oranges and there’s a crisp in the air. The Toy Factory Shop is gearing up for the winter season – cold nights, warm fires, toasting marshmallows and drinking hot chocolate. We love this time of year because of all the fun board games and puzzles we get to play with.  

Strategic & Educational Games

If you are looking for a game that is fun, competitive and strategic then our Battle Vessel Strategy Game is the one for you. Easy to store and transport and perfect for ages 4 and up, it is a fantastic one-on-one winter toy. 

BBQ Slam is another one of our favourite educational games that combines counting, action & memory. Roll the dice, slam the sum and try to collect 6 pieces of food with consecutive numbers. Loads of fun for the whole family!

A cute, tactile learning game that we have been loving playing lately is this Doggy Bags Educational Game which improves fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Flip a card and reveal what food Franky the dog wants, trying to pick it out of your Doggy Bag by feel. The first player to feed Franky 5 food items wins.

Another fantastic game for hand-eye coordination and counting is our Mini Wooden Block Game. Stack the blocks on top of one another in their colours, roll the dice and push out one of the blocks with that number on. Try not to knock the whole tower down!

Puzzle Mania

We love puzzles! Not only are they great for concentration, spatial awareness, shape recognition & so much more – they are so much fun and rewarding to do. At the Toy Factory Shop, we have loads of cool puzzles like our 28pc Dinosaur Puzzle, this sweet 16pc Farm Puzzle or this adorable Jungle Puzzle set that comes with 6 puzzles with large pieces – perfect for 18months and older.

We also adore our wooden puzzle collection. Choose between our Wooden Magnetic Fishing Puzzle which comes with a magnetic fishing line and is great for hand-eye coordination or this Wooden Food Cut Shape Puzzle which is so fun for all ages, is great for fine motor skills and gets your little ones to ‘help’ in the kitchen too! 

When introducing the ABCs to your kiddies, our Wooden Peg Puzzle is the perfect puzzle to use. Let your toddler explore numerous shapes while learning the alphabet. 

Clucking Fun 

Some of our favourite winter games are our bird-themed ones! Super fun for the whole family is our Egg Rolling Game. Try to reach the top of the straw track first and chase the cuckoo away.

A clucking hilarious target game for the whole family is our Chicken Go Game. Challenge yourself to break all blocks in one shoot. Aim! Flick! Bang!

All those kiddies aged 4 and up can play this sweet nest-building game. Kiki’s Nest Game is aimed at helping Kiki, the bird, to have her baby by building a warm, safe nest for her to lay her eggs. 

Timeless Games

When it comes to family game night there are always a few timeless essential games we love to play with. It is always great fun having a pack of Playing Cards around and our favourite card games are Go Fish, Crazy Eights or Snap.

Don’t forget to pack your Pocket Travel Checkers Game on your next family vacation. Great for stocking fillers or a small gift and easy to understand with instructions included. 

Our final two winter holiday essential games are our Pick Up Sticks and Jack n Ball Game – a classic and fun game for the whole family that is educational too, and these awesome Smile Education Finger Fun Games.

We hope you love all our awesome winter games this season. Please take a look at the others we have online too. Wishing you a wonderful warm winter season, love The Toy Factory Shop.

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