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12 Fun Outside Toys & Activities to Get Your Kids In The Garden This Spring!

outside toys

We all know how important it is for kids to play and use outside toys. But sometimes, getting them to put down the electronics can be a challenge. Instead of nagging or bribing them, add an element of outside fun! Spring has sprung and the is weather slowly warming up, so now is the best time to get the kiddies up and moving around outside!

There are a few key things to look for when picking outside toys for your kiddos. First, you want something that will get them moving and using their imaginations. It helps them develop a curiosity about their world, improves their social skills and makes them more active. There are all sorts of activities to get the kids excited, even if they aren’t super enthusiastic about leaving the house! 

outside toys

Outside Toys Galore

  1. Mini Water Gun Toys are awesome, getting the little ones to run around and stay cool at the same time. They come in a variety of colours too! For the big kids, we also have our Water Guns which are 26cm big. 
  2. If the kids are loving the water games still, try adding these super fun Water Balloons to the mix. With an easy-to-use tap fitting making filling and throwing easy! 
  3. A great toy for hand-eye coordination and gross motor skills is our Ring Toss toys. Great for keeping the little ones busy and moms happy! 
  4. For the kiddos who love to fly, these magical Foam Planes are a perfect fit. They fly 360 degrees in the air with just a flick of the wrist! These will have the kids playing for hours.
  5. Frisbees are an old favourite craze that has never seemed to fade over the years. Great for beach days or even playing with the dog, frisbees are loads of fun.
  6. Speaking of beach days, what kid doesn’t absolutely love playing in the sand? Be sure to stock up on our selection of Giant Beach Spades, Sand Scoops, these awesome Sand Rake & Sieve Sets, and our adorable Sand Moulds. Sure to make any beach day a great one!
  7. Another fun outside toy to play with is our awesome old-school Skipping Ropes. With lovely quality wooden handles and in assorted colours, these make a great game for the girls!
  8. Stilts are great outside toys. They help kids grow and develop their balance, they can be used as a way to learn about physics, and they are just plain fun!
  9. Take a squizz around the garden or neighbourhood with the epic Toy Binoculars. With a 6×30 zoom, they’re perfect for the kiddies wanting to have a good look around!
  10. Our awesome 3-in-1 Training Bikes are also the best way to teach your little ones to learn how to ride. Lightweight, portable and foldable, they’re perfect to take away on holiday or to the park.
  11. This fun Parachute Man will have the kids playing for ages. Throw him up high or off something tall and watch him fly. They also come in a variety of colours.
  12. Another fun toy for beach or garden days is these super fun Catch Ball Sets. They come with two bats and a ball that sticks to the velcro handheld bats. Throw it back and forth and try to catch the sticky ball!
outside toys

We all know sometimes it can be hard to find suitable outside toys or activities to keep your child entertained for an extended period. But there’s no need to stress about that anymore! From water balloons to skipping ropes, toy binoculars, bikes, frisbees, water guns and beach toys – there is something fun for everyone at The Toy Factory Shop!

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