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New Toys For All To Enjoy In 2023

What’s the latest at Toy Factory Shop? We’re happy to tell you it’s a mix of cherished classics, film characters and a whole lot of hands-on fun. Our team rounds our most recent collection of new toys, with everything from figurines, to activities and kits. 

Playtime is primetime: new toys to discover this year

At Toy Factory Shop, we love connecting kids (both young and old) with the wonders of play and learning. We stock a variety of educational goods, as well as some whimsical wonders. Our team is here to offer new toys to build developmental skills and make sure we create the foundation for play and discovery along the way. Give kids an activity for solo play or bring a surprise for family and friends for a fun session together.

We present our latest and greatest additions to our toy offerings, from classic activities to creative kits, action figurines and so much more.

Classic activities 

new toys - Classic Activities


Nothing says holiday bonding like a fun round of Bingo. This game is traceable back to as early as 1530. Keep the tradition alive for the whole family, friends or group events (up to 16 players). It’ll bring excitement, suspense and a guaranteed hint of competition.

This set includes: 

  • 1 x home and travel Bingo spinner
  • 16 x Bingo cards
  • 1 x board
  • 120 x Bingo markers
  • 1 x instructions
new toys

Colouring Books

This simple, relaxing activity is great for building hand strength and skill in both visual perception skills and precision grasping. Our assorted colouring book stock is changing all the time, so keep an eye out for the latest shipments.

Explore and discover with creative kits

new toys - Explore and discover with creative kits

Cra-Z Slimy Creations

The weird and wonderful world of slime – something kids delight in getting their hands on, in and around. They love it for the tactile and visual experience, we love it for exploring creativity, and experimentation and great for practice in following (or not following) directions. We have a variety of slime kits, including:

  • Colour Changing Slime
  • Light Up Slime
  • Ultimate Unicorn Slime
new toys - Crystal Growing Kit

Crystal Growing Kit

Establishing an interest in STEM at an early age? Yes, please. This kit teaches scientific principles while creating mesmerising crystals. Be sure to supervise your kids at play, it is recommended for ages 8 and up.

Bring your favourite characters to life with figurines

New Toys - Batman


Bring the world of Gotham City to life with these Batman Movie Figurines. These figurines stand 10 cm tall and include 11 points of articulation, a mystery card and three accessories. 

Find your favourite character, or collect them all:

  • Batman
  • Wingsuit Batman
  • The Penguin
  • Selina Kyle

And don’t forget Bruce Wayne’s trusty Batmobile. This iconic set of wheels is 55cm long and includes a 30cm Batman figurine.

new toys - ben 10

Ben 10 

Enter the world of the ultimate kid superhero, Ben Tennyson, and all ten of his exciting alien forms. Kids play and imagine with these highly detailed and articulated figurines and themed accessories.

Assorted Ben 10 figurines (sold separately) include: 

  • Bashmouth
  • Jet Pack Ben
  • Omni-Kix Armor Canonbolt
  • Omni-Kix Armor Four Arms
  • Omni-Kix Armor Heatblast
  • Omni-Kix Armor Humungousaur
  • Omni-Kix Armor Jetray
  • Omni-Kix Armor Shock Rock
  • Omni-Metallic Cannonbolt
  • Omni-Metallic Diamondhead
  • Omni-Metallic Four Arms
  • Omni-Metallic Heatblast
  • Omni-Metallic Overflow
  • Omni-Metallic XLR8
  • Omni-Naut Armor Ben Tennyson

Superfans can become Ben 10 with the Omnitrix Disc Shooter. Battle aliens and load up to five discs at a time.


Playtime is learning time with the CoComelon crew. Celebrate learning, exploring and the joy of fun activities with JJ, TomTom and Yoyo with the CoComelon Family Figure 4 Pack, ideal for ages 3 and up.

Add to the experience with the CoComelon Pop & Play House Playset. Explore the home of JJ and Jellybean. Once kiddies finish with playtime, they can easily fold and carry the playset with a handle. 

This set includes:

  • 1x JJ figure
  • 1x Jellybean figure
  • 2x chairs
  • 1x table
  • 1x toilet
  • 1x pop-up house

Sharpen skills and learn with educational toys

Colour Abacus

This traditional counting tool brings math skills to life with this great hands-on learning tool. This 100-bead abacus is ideal for kinesthetic learners. The set includes beads with two colours, where kiddies will learn how to: 

  • Add
  • Minus
  • Multiply
  • Divide

Add the Bugs

Teach little one’s addition, practice math skills and develop visual memory while playing this fun card game. Smile Education brings you its next quality educational product in one kit, with three games.

Play card games such as:

  • Add the Bugs
  • Bugs Black Jack (add up to 10 instead of 21)
  • Add-Up Snap

New toys = all new playtime adventures

For more exciting finds, keep your eye on our Just Arrived page for all our latest toys, sets and kits.

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