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Fun, Freaky and Fabulous: Top 8 Halloween Costumes for Kids

Orange themes and spider-webbed dreams – it’s Halloween time! This is your spooky holiday reminder to get your kiddies dressed to impress as their favourite characters. Our team at Toy Factory Shop rounded up eight Halloween costumes sure to create an evening of festive fun. Read on to find their next favourite look for a night they’ll never forget.

Prance and play the night away on Halloween

As all history and Halloween enthusiasts know, Halloween comes from the holiday, “All Hallows’ Eve”. This event was a time spent observing and remembering the dead. It then turned into a day dressing in costume to confuse any lost souls wandering the earth. Since then, tradition turned into modern-day fun with pumpkin carving and Halloween costumes.

Halloween Costumes For Kids

8 Halloween costumes for kiddies

To help you and your little one, we gathered some of our classic Halloween looks and film favourites with our kiddie-friendly costume and décor list.

1. Send spells in style as a witch

Nothing is as iconic as a witch for Halloween. Little ones can join in on the fun with this 

Witch Dress Up Costume vest and hat. The outfit is bewitchingly kid-friendly, as it’s an easy-to-use pullover top made with easy-to-clean fabric. Halloween spills and chills will be a thing of the past with this parent-approved kit. Don’t forget some creepy claws – pair the look with a full set of Witch Nails. (Spellcasting looks way more official with a fresh kiddie’s witchy mani).

2. Jaunty jack-o-lanterns unite with this pumpkin ‘fit

Meet the new PSL – pumpkin spiced lighties! Bring festive cheer when little ones walk about as a sweet little pumpkin with our Pumpkin Dress Up Costume. This kit has both a headpiece and body outfit ready for trick or treating with built-in sweetie pockets. This set is ideal for children aged 3-5 years old. Get your camera ready, you’ll thank us later.

Halloween Costumes For Kids: Pumpkin Dress-Up Costume, Witch Dress-Up Costume, Witch Nails

3. Live the Wild West as a cowboy

Giddy up in fun cowboy gear! Kiddos will love running about as the hero of their own Western. This Cowboy Dress Up Costume set comes with a pullover vest and fabric cowboy hat, secured with an elastic strap. For those ready for a showdown competition, there are also accessories like the Cap Gun 8 Shot (with the caps sold separately).

4. Celebrate creativity and construction as a builder

Create core memories for little ones who love building, imagining and all things hands-on. This

Builder Dress Up Costume features a pullover vest and matching fabric hat. Make them the top foreman with a handy Tool Set. The thirteen-piece tool set (for ages 3 and up) includes:

  • A saw
  • A scraper
  • A file
  • A screwdriver
  • A set of pliers
  • A wrench
  • 2 spanners
  • Faux “wood”
  • 2 screws

Halloween Costumes For Kids: Builder Dress-Up Costume, Tool Set, Cowboy Dress-Up Costum, Cap Gun 8 Shot

5. Ahoy! Set sail on adventures ahead as a pirate

Set kiddies out on a Halloween pirates quest, equipped for an adventure they’ll never forget. Start them off with a Pirate Costume that includes a pair of trousers, a shirt with an attached waistcoat, and a bandana scarf (fits 3-4 year-olds). Then, mix and match accessories made for the high seas. Choose from an Axe toy, Pirate Set (includes a sword, hat and eye patch), Face Wound Tattoos and Pirate Patch (a larger design).

Halloween Costumes For Kids: Pirate Costume, Pirate Set, Face Wound Tattoos, Pirate Patch

6. Start Halloween with a bang as Dave the Minion

Give your little minion fan a silly and simple Halloween look with our Dave the Minion Costume. This outfit is an easy-to-wear foam pullover and comes in two sizes. Choose from size small (suitable for kiddies aged 4-6 years old) or size medium (ideal for children aged 8-10 years old).

7. Make the force be with you – with Start Wars masks

Join the galactic battle of good versus evil. Continue the epic saga of Star Wars. Kiddies aged 5 and up can wear Star Wars Masks, choosing styles from Kylo Ren or a Storm Trooper. Just pop the mask on and dress them up in all black or all white clothing for a complete look.

Halloween Costumes For Kids: Star Wars Masks, Dave the Minion Costume

8. Step into a fairytale as a princess

Little ones can dazzle and delight as they dress up as the sparkling princess of their dreams. Create a princess costume with the Princess Crown and Mini Star Wand – and they’ll be ready to appoint knights and dames in their Halloween kingdom. For extra princess pizazz, add a set or two of Crystal Stickers. The crystal sticker set comes in assorted coloured packs and can be placed to decorate anything their heart desires.

Halloween Costumes For Kids: Princess Crown, Mini Star Wand, Crystal Stickers.

Happy Halloween haunting in style!

We wish you and your little ones a wonderful Halloween evening in their favourite Halloween costumes. For more costume and décor ideas, explore our online collection. Have questions on costume availability? Contact us.

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