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Freaky Halloween Favourites

freaky halloween favourites

Happy October Halloweeners! Here at The Toy Factory Shop, it’s one of our favourite seasons for one spooky reason – Halloween! A celebration observed all over the world on the 31st of October, traditionally, the day is dedicated to remembering those who have passed. These days, Halloween is spent having fun with friends and loved ones, enjoying Halloween activities, treats and games! Some fun activities include dressing up in costumes, trick-or-treating, and attending parties. This blog includes some of our favourite spooky decor pieces and costumes that can be found right here at The Toy Factory Shop!

Disturbing Decor

scary doorbell

Planning on having a party or want to make your home more festive? Our Halloween Doorbells will give any guests something to cackle at! Each doorbell has a character that not only laughs but has eyes that light up too. Watch out, one might even have a spider jump out at you!

funny jumping skulls

For a real jump, these Jumping Skulls are hilarious decor pieces! Wind up the skull, set it down and watch it hop and jump about. What a fun toy sure to keep little hands busy. These Little Critters are great as decor. Insects, animals and creepy creatures – a great addition to any party!

Creepy Halloween Costumes

The best thing about Halloween is dressing up in fun costumes! From monsters to vampires, cats to cartoon characters, the options are endless and so is the fun. We have selected a few of our favourite costumes that we stock for all your dress-up fun! 

halloween witch

Make magic this Halloween by pairing our Witch Dress Up Costume with some wicked Witch Nails. This costume comes with a pointy hat and is easy to clean. How wand-erful! For a cuter Halloween look, we love this adorable Pumpkin Dress Up which comes with a hat and pockets for sweets! 

minion costume

What do Minion ghosts eat? Boo-nanas! We just adore this Minion Jumpsuit Costume that comes with goggles and hands – sure to make any Minions fan go bananas! This costume is available in two sizes small (approx. 3-4 years) and medium (approx. 5-6 years). 

face tattoos

Love these epic Face Tattoos? Don’t forget to take a look at the rest of our wicked Halloween stuff. We have cool Builder (these pair great with our Tool Set With Helmets) or Cowboy Dress Up Costumes which also include a fabric hat. Be sure to check out all the Glow In The Dark Ghosts, Sticks and Glasses we have. We also have to mention this awesome Jake and The Neverland Pirate Costume which includes trousers, a shirt with an attached waistcoat and a bandana scarf. Perfect for ages 3-4 years.

halloween trick or treat

When trick or treating from door-to-door in your neighbourhood, don’t forget to balance all the delicious sweet eating with fun healthy snacks and to follow all Covid protocols. Wishing you and your kiddies a safe, happy and spooky Halloween from us here at The Toy Factory Shop. 

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