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Awesome Art Sets

Here, at The Toy Factory Shop, we love getting crafty. Arts and crafts include a wide range of decorative, design and handicraft work. Using your hands, simple tools and a wide range of materials, arts and crafts are not only are hobbies for some but livelihoods for others. All ages, genders and backgrounds can enjoy crafting, and art is done in most schools. In our blog, we’ve gotten creative and shared all our favourite crafting art sets. From sand to sequins, glitter and goo, we hope you love our art sets as much as we do!

Textured Art Sets

Paper, felt and even goo – textures are fun for all children. Paper weaving is easy, great for fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination. Taking strips of paper and placing them ‘over’ or ‘under’ each base piece of paper, the weaving creates different colours and patterns. Choose between a cow or a sunflower and create beautiful art sets. Using felt shapes included in the box, Felt Art requires peeling the adhesive paper off and sticking the different felt colours in the required places. Simple and fun, these art sets are available individually in a range of animal options. For the budding scientists, our Make Your Own Goofy Monsters are awesome and we also love these Make Your Own Stretchy Goo Kits – just pour, wet and play. 

Bright and Beautiful

Scratch-art is a fun way to create a beautiful image using a board with a special black layer and rainbow underlayer. Using the scratch tool included, you scratch away at the black layer to create a beautiful image underneath using one of the stencils included or just scratching your own. Awesome and stunning Foil Art Sets contain an adhesive board with multiple coloured foils. It’s simple – peel each section and rub the chosen foil on the adhesive surface. Fun and effective.

Pour it on

Sand and glitter art is a very popular art and craft done by using a pre-printed adhesive board. The top layer of each section of the artwork is peeled off and a particular glitter or sand colour is poured onto the sticky surface. The Sand Art Sets are available individually and our Glitter Art Sets are available individually or in multipacks. Our Sand & Glitter greeting cards are gorgeous and combine sand and glitter to create a beautiful card for a loved one. 

Stick ‘em Art Sets

Our cute Sequin Art Sets come in a range of options and include a picture board and all the sticky dots and sequins needed. Similar to diamond dots, the sticky dots are used to stick the sequins down to create a beautiful picture. And if sequin art isn’t your kiddie’s craft, Dot a Picture might be. It’s a similar concept to sequin art except that colourful dot stickers are used instead – lots of fun for everyone! Our adorable Sticky Foam Art Sets make great gift additions for boys available in a range of animals and vehicles. And for a little sparkle, get creative with our Sparkle Mosaics or Mosaic by Numbers – super cute for everyone!

Textures and colours, bright and beautiful – we have a craft for any little one who loves to play. We hope you liked this blog, be sure to check out our others too!

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