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5 Epic Easter Activities

It’s Easter time and one of The Toy Factory Shop’s favourite holidays. Not only is this a religious holiday for many who remember the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, but it is a celebration of life, family and love. All over the world, many countries have had Easter traditions that they have been practising for decades. During Easter, many people and families celebrate with many traditional games, eating big feasts and giving out treats such as Easter eggs, hot cross buns & chocolates. Our favourite part of Easter is the Easter Bunny who comes each year and brings loads of joy and delicious treats for many lucky children! In this blog are some awesome ideas for fun Easter activities.

An Egg & Spoon Race

A fun and traditional game to play is an egg and spoon race. Simply grab some spoons and some of our awesome Bouncing Chicken Eggs. Each person then has to balance their egg on their spoon as they race across the garden to the finish line. Make it a relay with lots of people and see which team wins! This is a lighthearted and enjoyable game that active little ones can play and no mess for the parents.

An Easter Egg Hunt

One of the most popular and fun activities to do during this festive holiday is having an Easter Egg Hunt. Have someone (or the Easter Bunny) take a big pile of eggs, chocolates & treats and hide them all over the house and garden. All those on the hunt need to then go out and find all the hidden eggs. This makes for a fun and hilarious game that anyone can play (although we do always suggest adult supervision for the littlies). For added fun, try turning the hunt into a treasure hunt with clues leading to the next hiding spot.

Easter Rocks

Easter Rocks are beautiful and use creativity and imagination – great for developing minds. Pop outside in your garden, local park or nature reserve and find some round rocks or pebbles. Wash them and allow them to fully dry while setting up the paint station. Once dry, paint your rocks with bright colours and pastels adding lines, dots & squiggles as you please. Another adorable idea is to paint a sweet little bunny on your rock, with big eyes and ears and a cute little nose.

Easter Animals

Another crafty activity for the kids is to create some adorable paper place animals. For a bunny, cut a paper plate in half and glue it onto another plate to make some bunny ears. Draw and colour in some eyes, a nose, mouth and whiskers. To make a paper chick, cut one plate into a smaller circle and glue it onto another for the chick’s head. Cut another paper plate in half and glue it onto the chick’s body as wings and then draw and colour in a pair of eyes and a beak – clucking cute!

Chick Race

Pop into The Toy Factory Shop or view our online store and grab some of these delightful Hopping Chicks. Wind them right up (about 6 times), and watch them hop away to the finish line. These are too funny and cute not to have. Our Teeny Weeny Bunnies are also perfect hopping toys for your little ones just wanting to play!

From Egg Treasure Hunts, crafty Rocks & Faces to Easter Egg Races, there is an activity here for everyone. We do advise that these activities are done with a helping adult present at all times – these activities should always be done as safely as possible. On behalf of The Toy Factory Shop, we wish all our wonderful customers and readers a joyful Easter with all your loved ones!

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